Two Services To Choose From.

Project Management

White Glove Service

You’ve used our vendors and the project has been contracted. However, you are aware that this project will require additional staging or coordination, or will be executed in phases.
With the regular tasks of the day, budgets, move ins/outs, lease renewals, and much more it is safe to say you could use an assistant. We act as a liaison between you and the contractor making sure the communication is fluid. Here, having a “middle man” may be the best thing yet.

Vendor Management

One Call Does It All

Giving a new service provider an opportunity or having to replace one that you have used for an extended period of time can be cumbersome. Now the requests for information begin.
Followed by phone calls and voicemails can cause stress to even the most seasoned of us. We either have or find them. We vet them. So you can use them.